This game was created for the 2022 GameDev.Tv game jam. All assets, sounds, and code were created in the jams allotted time (10days).

Art: @NaNixDev
Programming: @ancep
Sound: @gosha05

How To Play:
Arrow Keys or WASD keys to jump between platforms. Firing occurs automatically when you jump.
Mouse click to click buttons as needed.
Beat 4 waves to win!

Theme Function:

When you die, you get a buff. 
When the enemy wave is defeated, they get a buff. 
Careful! You can only die once per wave before it is game over!

Sadly, the buffs are not unique buffs, as we ran out of time.


Download 58 MB
Download 15 MB


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Great game! I would only ask that you add lights or shadows to enemy projectiles so that the player knows which platforms are being targeted. Other than that it was fast-paced and well thought out, keep up the excellent work.


Thank you! 

I tested some ways to make it more clear where the projectiles were going but in the end did not have enough time. 

Thank you for playing and for the feedback!


Nice game. Enjoyed playing it.

I would have preferred to fire by myself. It was a bit limitating to have to jump to fire at something since I had to change my platform too and sometimes I died for this. Overall a nice experience. 

Hey, thank you for the feedback. Auto firing was done to reduce complexity + force movement haha. 

If we had more time (or better time management), we would have given more control to the player. 

Glad you enjoyed it!!